Full day wushu / fitness training and learning

School Holiday Program

Come and enjoy full day wushu / fitness training and learning.


Adults as well as kids are welcome to join.

What makes our NZ Wushu School Holiday Program unique?

Unlike normal classes, in which there is only time for physical training, here at NZ Wushu we also spend time educating students.

While every school holiday varies, during each program we teach such things as:


     -  Physical wushu training

     -  Wushu history

     -  Wushu basic knowledge and different styles

     -  Competition judging and scoring methods

     -  Human basic anatomy

     -  Correct methods and the importance of stretching and relaxing

     -  Injury prevention

Full day training for 2 weeks provide students the opportunity to:

     -  Extra training to improve their fitness and skills faster

     -  Time to learn extra things, not normally taught in class due to time limitations, for example an extra


     -  Intensive training to prepare students for upcoming competitions

     -  Beginners and advanced students meet. Great for beginner students to see how disciplined advanced

         students are, how they train, and what's install for them in the future.

Children must be:

     -  6 years old or above

     -  Disciplined, willing to cooperate and able to follow instructions

     -  Preferably at least have some basic martial art or related sport / coordination skills, or existing NZ Wushu

         Academy student

Children must bring their own food and drink.

Images from previous holiday programs
Lining up before class
Learning staff
Changquan training
Learning broadsword
Snake imitation
Sitting down to learn about weapons
Preparing for competition
Team building outdoor activities
Mats for jumping skills
Kitekite Falls Hike
Disc golfing
Beach outing
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Upcoming School Holiday Program: January 2021

We will be holding another school holiday program in January.

Register now by emailing us

School holiday program details:


Dates:     11th - 22nd January

Days:       Monday - Friday 1st week,

                 No Wednesday 2nd week unless raining 1st week and outdoors program postponed to 2nd Weds

Time:       9am - 4pm

Address: Chao Shan General Association Building

                 107 Neilson Street, Onehunga, Auckland

Cost:       $40 / day   or    $25 / half day (9am - 12pm or 1pm - 4pm)

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