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Respect. Courage. Discipline.

Meet our team of experienced and passionate coaches!


Founder of NZ Wushu Academy, Coach Wei is a dedicated and friendly coach with over 15 years of teaching experience. Coach Wei is a professional athlete from China, marked by numerous national and internationally recognised achievements.

Having expertise in many different styles of wushu and weaponry, both traditional and modern, means students of his are able to learn a wide variety of different skills and routines. Chosen by his coach when he was 17 years old, Coach Wei also went to fight in Sanda competitions, gaining 2nd place in his province.


Coach Wei has choreographed fights for many films, and is frequently sort out by stunt actors wanting private lessons to broaden their skills.

Through his comprehensive knowledge and passion for wushu, Coach Wei is a valuable and influential figure for wushu in New Zealand. In 2018, Coach Wei led New Zealand's first ever team to participate in the 7th World Junior Wushu Championships, Brazil. Coach Wei takes great pride in teaching his students and continues to lead teams to compete in international competitions.

Not only does he inspire and guide his students to reach their full potential, Coach Wei also believes in instilling discipline and fostering personal growth in children.

Wei Zhao Profile.jpg


  • Bachelor's Degree in Traditional Sports, Harbin University

  • International Wushu Judge, International Wushu Federation (IWUF)

  • First Class National Judge, China

  • Six Duan Wushu

  • National Top Athlete Certificate, China

  • Bilingual - English and Mandarin

  • First Aid

New Zealand Kung Fu Wushu Federation (NZKWF):

  • Head Coach and Athlete Coordinator of New Zealand Taolu (2017 - present)

  • Executive Committee Member


Coach Zhang is a talented athlete and highly experienced coach from China. He thoroughly enjoys teaching people of all ages, young children through to adults. His teaching experience includes spending two years teaching Tai Chi in Japan, and working as a coach in Beijing schools.

Coach Zhang has won multiple competitions and travelled to a number of countries in Europe to perform wushu, representing Beijing Sports University. His specialties and passion are for Taijiquan, straight sword and spear, however he has profound knowledge and expertise in many styles of wushu, and also sanda kickboxing.

Being very encouraging, with the right balance of discipline and a bit of fun, students enjoy learning with Coach Zhang.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Traditional Ethnic Sports, Beijing Sports University

  • Fifth Duan Wushu

  • Second Class National Judge, China

New Zealand Kung Fu Wushu Federation (NZKWF):

  • New Zealand National Kung-Fu Wushu Championships 2022, Judge

P1258210 copy.jpg


Being involved in wushu since childhood, Coach Jun has competed in both traditional and modern forms, winning numerous awards. He has represented New Zealand on many occasions - including the Chin Woo Wushu International Competitions and World Kung Fu Championships.

In addition to being a wushu coach, Jun has experience coaching gymnastics. Jun also has a keen interest in philosophy and education, and is knowledgable in working with children.

Coach Jun is patient and friendly, and enjoys seeing students progress.

He also enjoys being an English tutor when he is not teaching wushu.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Education and Philosophy, University of Auckland

  • Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary), University of Auckland

New Zealand Kung Fu Wushu Federation (NZKWF):

  • New Zealand National Kung-Fu Wushu Championships 2019, Judge

  • New Zealand National Kung-Fu Wushu Championships, Athlete

Jun Selwyn Profile.jpg


Coach James is extremely approachable, encouraging, patient, everybody's-friend type of guy.


James started learning wushu since he was 6 years old, and is currently competing at the world level. At 10 years old, James was one of the first athletes to represent New Zealand to compete in the 7th World Junior Wushu Championships in Brazil, 2018, where he won the top 8th athlete award for Broadsword. At 13, he competed in the 15th World Wushu Championships, Shanghai, being the youngest athlete on stage, bravely competing against older teenagers and adults.


He has won numerous medals in New Zealand National and Oceania Championships, and most recently represented New Zealand in the 8th World Junior Wushu Championships in Indonesia, 2022.

Wushu training has definitely also helped James excel in sports at school, in particular running and high jumping.

James is an admirable senior high school student, and hopes to inspire other young athletes to follow his lead to train hard, also represent New Zealand someday, and even be wushu coach like him. After high school, James wishes to study physiotherapy at Auckland University, while continuing to coach and train in wushu as he loves wushu so much!

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 1.46.45 PM.png

  • New Zealand National Wushu Team 2018 - Present

New Zealand Kung Fu Wushu Federation (NZKWF)

  • New Zealand National Kung-Fu Wushu Championships 2016-2022, Athlete

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