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Grey Limbo

Q. What should I wear to class?

The NZ Wushu Academy club uniform (pants, and t-shirt) is compulsory.

For the trial lesson, we recommend comfortable sports clothes that you can move freely in. We recommend pants, not shorts, for protection.

Q. How about shoes?

In our Remuera and New Market venues we have professional wushu carpets to train on, however we ask that only clean indoor wushu shoes be worn on the carpets. For the trial class you may wear socks. Wushu shoes can be purchased from us if required.

For Glenfield and Howick classes, although we recommend wushu shoes, you may wear other sports shoes.

For young children, we recommend that parents double knot their shoe laces.

Q. At what age can my child start classes?

For wushu ideally children are at least 5 years old.

Things that are helpful for children to already know are directions:

left, right, front, back, and if possible - diagonal too!

For Sanda the minimum age is 12 years old.

Q. Do you have classes for adults?

Yes! We have adults class Saturday mornings in New Market, suitable for all levels. It is never too late to start learning.

We recommend adults attend the adults only class as the learning content and rate of learning is more tailored for adults.

Q. What are your fees?

First trial lessons are free. After that, payment is per term.

Please enquire with us for more details.

Additional family members can receive 20% discount for our New Market, Howick and Glenfield beginner / intermediate classes.

Q. Do you have a class calendar?

Yes, please visit this our page:

Class Calendar and Events

Q. Can your group come perform for our event?

We have done many wushu performances - big and small, in the SkyCity with an LED screen background, at schools, at cultural events, and many more. We would love to hear from you. In return, we ask for a donation towards the New Zealand National Wushu Development Squad. Donations go towards their travel expenses when there are international competitions.

Q. What competitions can my children potentially participate in if we joined your academy?

We have trained many talents athletes to compete in the:

New Zealand National Kung-Fu Wushu Championships

Oceania Kung-Fu Wushu Championships

World Junior Wushu Championships

World Kung-Fu Championships (traditional)

World Wushu Championships (modern)

and aspiring to also compete in the:

World Universiade Games

Youth Olympic Games

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