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Tai Chi Classes


This class is for practitioners of any age young or old, wanting to practice in a more serious and professional environment possibly with the aim to compete.


Classes are held in our Onehunga venue where students have access to our professional wushu carpet and other facilities.


Students training in this class will have the opportunity to compete in National and International competitions.

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Onehunga Classes:

Saturday:       10:30am - 12pm

Address:         Chao Shan General Association Building
                         107 Neilson Street, Onehunga, Auckland

Cost:               $10 cash per class

Classes follow school term times.

Try a class for free.

Contact us:

or phone 022 580 5566.

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Tai Chi & Yang Sheng Qigong For Health Classes

This class is for those looking for a more casual and relaxing environment with health benefits. Each session starts with Tai Chi Yang Sheng Qigong, followed by Tai Chi learning.


Tai Chi Yang Sheng Qigong (太极养生氣功) was created to improve health, wellbeing and to promote longevity. Practicing will make you feel and function better.​ It follows the principles of the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine by balancing yin and yang. The exercises are graceful, easy to learn, and suitable for people of all ages.

Maximum of 12 people per class.

Join us and see how it can benefit you.

Parents are welcome to join in while waiting for their children doing the wushu beginners class.

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Remuera Classes:

Currently not since COVID-19

Saturdays:     3:15pm - 4:15pm

Address:         St Aidans Church
                         5 Ascot Ave, Remuera, Auckland

Cost:                $10 per class

Classes follow school term times.

Try a class for free.

Contact us:

or phone 022 580 5566.

Taught by the very talented Teacher Liang Li.

Winner of 3 gold medals across the Tai-Chi division of the 2017 New Zealand National Championships, as well as many other competitions in China.​

NZ National Championships Judge - 2017, 2019

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107 Neilson Street, Onehunga


New Zealand

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