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Immerse yourself in the world of Wushu (武術), where the artistic blend of dynamic athleticism and explosive power converge. Commonly known as 'Kung-Fu', this contemporary martial art blends performance and martial application, showcasing the perfect balance between strength and grace.


Wushu encompasses a comprehensive range of elements including explosive power, speed, flexibility and natural, relaxed movement. With a rich cultural heritage, Wushu empowers individuals with discipline, self-control and physical fitness. A wushu practitioner combines flexibility with strength, speed with flawless technique, and fierce intent with effortless execution. 

NZ Wushu Academy aims to provide the best facilities possible, with the students having the privilege of training on our professional wushu carpet. Get in touch if you would like us to run workshops at your school or perform at your event!

At NZ Wushu, our academy is more than a training facility; it is a sanctuary where students find inspiration and lifelong friendships. We cultivate an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity, allow students to learn from one another, growing and improving together. Our team of experienced instructors are committed to guiding each student through Wushu, ensuring a positive experience for everyone.

We offer a wide range of wushu styles, forms, techniques and weaponry. Although our specialty lies in competitive modern wushu training, we provide both traditional and modern styles. Many of our students have competed internationally, with more aspiring to reach this level. Our instructors ensure this training process has the perfect blend of hard work and fun. 

Click here to view our Wushu class details.

We also provide Sanda Kickboxing classes and Tai Chi classes, with some of the best instructors in the country!

Whether you are seeking physical fitness, self-defence skills, or simply to learn a new skill, come to NZ Wushu Academy for your martial arts journey. We welcome anybody of any age (ideally above 5) and all abilities to join our vibrant community. 

First lessons are free so come along and meet our friendly team!



Respect is at the heart of everything we do at NZ Wushu Academy. We believe that the spirit of Wushu reaches beyond the physical aspect; it encompasses a deep sense of respect for oneself, fellow students, coaches and the sport itself. 

Through Wushu, we instil not only excellent martial skills, but also lifelong values of compassion and integrity. Through respectful interactions, we create a space that encourages learning and growth, instilling in our students the value of respecting different perspectives and cultivating a positive atmosphere. 

By embodying respect in all aspects of our training, we form strong bonds, foster personal growth and uphold the integrity of Wushu as a martial art. 


Courage is a fundamental value that is seen throughout NZ Wushu Academy. We encourage and believe in pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones, embracing challenges, and facing hardships with unwavering bravery. 

In Wushu, we encourage our students to step onto the training floor with courage, to try new styles and forms and to strive for excellence even in the face of obstacles. We celebrate the courage it takes to overcome fear, to persevere through setbacks and taking risks in pursuit of personal growth. We believe that facing your fears, whether it be a competition or trying a new skill, is the most important step in personal growth. 

By cultivating courage in our training, we empower ourselves and other individuals to reach their full potential, discover inner strength and embody the spirit of Wushu. 


Discipline is a core value at NZ Wushu Academy. We understand and believe that growth comes from consistent and focused practice. With a strong commitment to discipline, we instil in our students the value of self control, perseverance and a strong work ethic. 

We cultivate healthy habits of dedication, punctuality and attentiveness, fostering an environment where each student can push their personal comfort zones and reach their full potential. By embracing discipline in our training, we not only develop physical expertise but also mental fortitude, perseverance and a strong sense of personal achievement.

Discipline lies in the heart of our training, empowering us to overcome challenges, mental blocks, surpass limitations and excel in all aspects of our lives, encompassing the true core values of Wushu.

Proud members of the

New Zealand Kung-fu Wushu Federation

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Proud members of the

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